Patent Translations are dedicated professional translators who have been providing technical and legal translations to patent law firms in the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia since 1987.

Our Experience
All of our translators have been in business for many years, some for more than 20 years, as full time technical translators specializing in their particular language and subject combinations.
When you work with, you are not dealing with a translation agency that "specializes" in every language and every subject. As a result, not only are your costs lower, but there is less risk of misunderstanding since you do not need to communicate with a translator through a broker. We in fact do specialize in just a handful of languages - in particular in Asian languages including Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and in European languages such as German and French, as the demand for translation of technical and legal information into English is particularly strong in these languages. However, we sometime also translate patents, articles from scientific and medical journals and other technical materials from a number of other languages as well.

Our Network are professional translators who collaborate on large projects. Even the best translator with many years of experience may sometimes need to call upon a colleague for advice or additional proofreading. Your project coordinator will be an experienced, multilingual patent translator who understands issues relevant to Japanese patent translations or German patent translations (or any other language), unlike the project managers in many large translation agencies which employ relatively inexperienced project coordinators who rarely understand the language or the subject of the projects that they assign to subcontractors.

Our Patent Translation Services for Law Firms
Because the translation of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German and French patents into English represents the bulk of our work, serving the needs of law firms specializing in intellectual property issues is our specialty. Many law firms find it easier to do business with us because of our experience in this field. When you talk directly to a translator, you can expect a quick and accurate answer to your questions. Since we can quickly download a legible copy of a published patent in Japanese, German, or French from the Internet, we can start working on your rush translation as soon as we know the correct patent number. Our experience includes the translation of patents, research reports, opposition briefs, clinical trials and clinical protocols and other materials in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German or French and other languages. Because we know our languages, especially in relation to Japanese patent translation and German patent translation, we will not disappoint you when you rely on us to coordinate an important project with a tight deadline necessitating a number of translators. We can also summarize Japanese, German and French patents, research reports and other documents - for example by translating only the claims and the text accompanying the figures - to help you to decide which documents, if any, need a full translation.

Our Fees
We are able to offer very competitive rates because the commissions paid to generic translation agencies that translate "all languages and all subjects" through subcontractors are usually quite high. Our cost and turnaround estimates are accurate and binding. Since the establishment of our service in 1987, we have never missed a deadline. Pricing for our services is usually quoted by the word, but sometime at an hourly rate, depending on the nature of the assignment. Should it be your preference, we can also provide a firm price quote for your project.

Our Patent Translation Expertise and Clients
Our main selling point, in our opinion, is the fact that we specialize. We have been providing translation services to big and small patent law firms as well as patent librarians, patent law departments of large corporations and inventors since 1987. Although we did write a chapter of the Patent Translation Handbook published by the American Translators Association (ATA), we do not claim that we have written the book on translation of patents. We are still learning new things every day. In addition to having translated thousands of patents from Japanese, German, French and other languages, we also translated a substantial part of the Japan Patent Office website, in particular the sections entitled Overview of Industrial Property Rights, History of the System of Industrial Property Rights, Chronology, Great Japanese Inventors, etc.

As one can see from a partial list of our clients, quality conscious patent law firms rely on to provide the best service for their clients when it comes to professional technical translations from Japanese, Chinese, Korean and European languages to English. We hope to add your company to our list of satisfied clients. If you are tired of receiving substandard translations from firms that claim to be able to translate every subject from and into any language, why not try the translators who specialize in your field next time? We look forward to working with you.

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Patent Translation Handbook, as published by the American Translators Association (ATA)
Free machine translation of Japanese patents
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